Bet on Horses Online | Best Online Horse Betting Sites in USA

Horse racing can be challenging to new bettors. The sport applies distance measures that emerged in the late 13th or early 14th century. Its components make it appear like you require deep knowledge to work out the details offered on the horses themselves.

However, it is not intimidating as you may think. Once you understand it, you’ll seamlessly examine horses and navigate the entire horse racing betting game.

How to Bet on a Horse

There are two fundamental choices: Walking into a casino or making a wager online. If you’re betting in person, you’ll have to communicate your bet to the teller and the horse track betting.

Also, the race number of the horse is keyed in, as the amount you’re betting, the kind of bet you are placing, and the saddlecloth number of the horse you desire to wager on.

Horse Racing Betting Sites

When searching for a horse racing betting site, ensure to analyze the odds, bonuses, and customer service provided by various websites. Some of the best and legal horse betting sites include:

  • MyBookie: This is one of the exceptional betting sites, guaranteeing the best odds on sports more regularly than any other bookmaker. It boasts an incredible horse betting app, flexible cash out, and ITV Racing specials.
  • Bovada: It’s among the best horse betting apps and has incredible odds to be established on football and racing. This net has a low minimum deposit and an incredible welcome offer.
  • BetUS: An incredible sportsbook with a rated weekly free bet club. Complimentary jackpot predictor games with immense prizes and exceptional eSports betting tools.
  • BetOnline: BetOnline is widely recognized as the 'bonus king' and will frequently create bonuses on multiple bets, for instance, Goals Galore, Double Delight & Hat-trick Heaven.
  • XBet: Incredible odds for horse racing utilizing latest trends; the exchange is ideal and receives enormous odds on outsiders.
  • EveryGame: Faster registration and less minimum deposit once inside. It’s a remarkable bet club for in-play betting.

Online Horse Racing Betting

Betting on horse racing has been a famous activity for a very long time. Today, the entire wagering process on horse racing bets has become extremely seamless due to mobile apps or online horse racing betting sites' debut.

A big number of states in USA permit you to bet on horse racing online, with most of the states legitimizing sports betting as a whole. Online horse racing betting isn’t an exemption.

So, is it legal to place bet horse racing online? Yes, horse betting online is legal at the federal level and in several US states.

Off track betting (OTB) was first made legitimate in 1978 with the establishment of the interstate Horseracing Act. The act authorized horse racing venues to embrace wagers at off-track betting locations as long as all wagers taken at OB locations headed directly to the prize pools of the track hosting live horse races.

Here are some of the best online horse betting sites and apps:

TVG: TVG is one of the best apps in horse betting space. It has the eminence of being the first valid horse racing app in the US. TVG is a formal collaborator of all three Triple crown races: Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes.

It provides horse racing gambling and HD live streaming at above 300 tracks globally. You‘ll obtain the privilege of obtaining undivided insider access to TVG network and handicapping data.

BetMGM Horse Racing: You can access this horse betting online app through a desktop, iOS, and Android. This app offers you beyond what you can bet. Additionally, you’ll access live streaming video, race replays, and daily upgraded horse racing content.

Caesars Racebook: Caesars Racebook is an incredible app as it is extremely safe and secure, has numerous tracks to bet at, and boasts a vast range of bet types. This app also offers punters ingress to handicapping suggestions and race replays and permits users to watch and gamble on computers.

Types of Bets Available on Online Horse Betting Sites

Horse race betting online functions on a pari-mutuels grounds. The competition is usually against the other punters and not against the house. There is a pool where the total money from each gambler is placed.

In horse racing betting, odds aren’t computed by experts statisticians, known as oddsmakers. Instead, they are enumerated depending on how much money is the bet in general.

Payoff odds are computed by dividing the entire money in the pool among all winning bets. There are numerous various types of bets available on online horse race betting. They include:

Single Horse Wagers:

  • Win: This is the easiest and most common bet on horses online. You win money outright if your horse finishes first.
  • Place: Your horse must finish in either the first or second position to win this.
  • Show: You win if your horse comes in first, second, or third.

Multi-Horse Wagers:

  • Exacta: You must select in order two horses that must finish in first and second place.
  • Trifecta: This is almost similar to Exacta. However, this requires you to pick three horses who finish first, second, and third in the correct order.
  • Superfecta: This requires you to select four horses. Each horse must appear in the right order for you to win (first, second, third, or fourth).

Multi-Race Wagers

Multi-race wagers, for instance, the pick 3, pick 4, and pick 5, are some of the most common bets in horse racing. In these wagers, you place horse bet on the results or places of horses over one race. For instance:

  • Daily doubles: This wager entails selecting the winner of back-to-back races.
  • Pick 5/6 wagers: These wagers revolve around sport bettors selecting the winner of more than one race at a certain track during the day.

Exotic Bets

These bets are more complicated than their straight counterparts. A viable example of an exotic bet is the Superfecta, which expects you to select the top four horses in a race in the right order.

Types of Bonuses Available When Betting On Horse Races Online

To attract newbies, horse racing online betting sites and apps usually provide welcome bonuses. Some of these include:

  • Deposit Match: In this horse racing bets, you’re given an equal amount with your first funding.
  • Risk-Free Bet: In case you don’t succeed in your first wager, you get covered by this risk-free bet.
  • Free Bets: These horse bets are fast and seamless to access. You are offered some site credit for opening an account with zero conditions. However, you’re expected to make use of the extra credit within a week.